Pre-Workshop Plans

Prior to the workshop the accepted papers will be circulated to prepare the attendees for discussions at the workshop. Beyond the themes highlighted here by the workshop organizers, other themes for the workshop emerging from the position papers will be posted on the website. A key discussant, identified among the workshop attendees, will be assigned to each position paper to facilitate interaction and engagement in the workshop. The participants will prepare a 10-minute presentation to be delivered at the first half of the workshop.

Workshop Structure

The workshop is planned as a full day event divided into two sessions and will involve additional online activities organized both before and after the workshop. In the first half of the workshop participants briefly present their research on the topics. The second half of the workshop consists of a brainstorming session where the topics of the workshop are further explored.

The following schedule is envisioned for the workshop:

09.00 Welcome and introduction to the workshop and participants

09.15 Short presentation and discussion of position-papers (Pt. I)

10.00 Mid-morning break

10.15 Short presentation and discussion of position-papers (Pt. II)

12.00 Lunch break

13.30 Brainstorming session in smaller groups

14.30 Mid-afternoon break

15.00 Presentation and discussion of brainstorming session

16.00 Drafting an agenda for future research

16.30 End of Workshop

Post-Workshop Plans

We will take the workshop as an opportunity to explore future collaboration, e.g., a mailing list and/or collaborative research projects. A workshop report will be produced for publication in the EUSSET library where we describe different characteristics of crowds at risk and the several forms of exploitation, creative destruction, and the unintended impacts of crowdsourcing. We further plan to consider selected contributions for a special issue in a HCI journal.